Want To Make Your Payment System PCI Compliant?

PCI Booking's solution secures your customers sensetive payment information, and takes you out of PCI scope.

How It Works

PCI Booking is a specialist secure cloud based PCI service provider that helps customers meet the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Our range of features are designed to cover each and every aspect of receiving, storing, charging and transmitting payment information. 

When using PCI Booking, payment information that you receive first passes through our secure servers where it is tokenized prior to reaching your systems. Unsecured complete information never reaches you. This means that, in the event of a breach, those who access your systems will have no credit card information to steal. 

Your system, in the middle, is shielded from the complete card data.

Talk to a Compliance Expert

A compliance expert from PCI Booking will be in touch to explain how you can fulfill your compliance needs.

All aspects of your workflow made compliant


Brandable Web iFrame

Customizable card capture web forms (IFrame), which can be tailored to suit your branding, allow card data to be entered, tokenized and stored on secure PCI Booking servers in accordance to PCI guidelines. 

This provides the means to collect payment information on a hosted system without exposing the underlying Application Systems to PCI scope.

The generated token is then passed to the customer server, leaving them out of PCI scope.

Card Over The Phone

Card Over The Phone is a simple process which allows merchants to request payment card details from customers. Upon request, PCI Booking sends a link to a card capture form to the client via email and/or text message (SMS).

Personal details and booking information are taken during the phone call, as is currently the case, with the payment details now submitted by the customer themselves to confirm the reservation.

Store & Manage

Unlimited Storage

Storing payment data for a duration before processing the charge, in order to confirm the booking, is imperative for those working in the travel industry.

PCI Booking securely store the captured data for the duration of the booking, allowing you to safely view the complete data within the PCI Booking Portal up until the moment of charging the card through our Universal Payment Gateway.

Credit Card Risk Assessment

While the importance of protecting traveler credit card data cannot be underestimated, it’s equally as important for a business to protect themselves from credit card fraud and the ramifications, such as costly chargebacks, that arise from fraudulent transactions.

Credit Card Risk Assessment highlights cards that exhibit known signs of fraud and returns a rank-scored that allows users to determine the level of caution that should be given to each transaction.


Charge & Transmit

Universal Payment Gateway

Often, customers and PMS vendors need to use multiple third-party payment gateways: sometimes, to reduce the high cost of transactions; sometimes, to use a local payment gateway for a regional transaction.

With PCI Booking’s Universal Payment Gateway, you can add support for new payment gateways instantly. All you need to do is to integrate once. 

PCI Booking does the rest. 

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